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The Department of Fine Arts Studies

The role of art and music in Jewish life dates back to the origins of our people. Ida Crown Jewish Academy believes that all its students should have opportunities to develop skills and an appreciation for the fine arts. The art and music program offers numerous opportunities in fine arts, from music to drawing and painting. View our online art gallery.

Courses Offered

General Art: .25 Credits

Sophomores are required to complete this course, which meets one period per week. General Art is an introduction to the visual arts. In this class, students develop an awareness of the fundamentals of basic drawing skills, design principals and creative problem solving techniques. These areas are explored through a progressive study of line, shape, value, form, texture, and color as the student works to develop an awareness of composition. The materials to be used in the course include pencil, crayons, watercolors, marker, and acrylic. Each project incorporates art history by focusing on different styles in art, such as: Realism, Expressionism, or Impressionism. General Art provides a foundation for further art experiences.

Homework requirement: 1 hour per week

Drawing/Painting: .25 Credits

Prerequisite: General Art or recommendation
Drawing and Painting is open to juniors and seniors, and meets one period per week. In this course, students continue to develop a greater understanding of the elements of art (line, shape, value, form, texture and color) while using principals (balance, dominance, rhythm, harmony, and repetition) to create compositional designs. First semester focuses on drawing skills and students use several different mediums (pencils, marker, and ink). Second Semester focuses on painting and printmaking while developing an awareness of color theory and the psychology of color. Each project allows the student to experiment while still developing compositional techniques. Art History will be incorporated into each project by way of critiques and the introduction of different artistic styles.

Homework requirement: 1-2 hours per week

Advanced Art: .25 Credits

Prerequisite: Drawing/Painting
Advanced Art is open to seniors, and meets one period per week. This class allows the student to work in an individualized program within a class setting. Students work with the teacher to determine areas to be explored while continuing to develop a more in-depth awareness of drawing skills, color theory, and design principles. All work focuses on portfolio development. Art History is incorporated into projects to develop an awareness of different artistic styles in addition to developing the ability to critique artwork. This class is for highly motivated students.

Homework requirement: 1-2 hours per week

Band: .25 Credits

Band meets once per week and is open to all students who pass an audition. To pass the audition, students are expected to demonstrate a proficiency in performing major and minor scales, a short piece of their choosing and a simple sight-reading exercise. Drummers need only demonstrate proficiency in performing drumming patterns in 4/4 and 3/4 time. In Band, students develop the ability to perform dynamically as a unit as they listen to and interact with each other. Students read sheet music, learn theory, and improvise. Emphasis is placed on fundamentals of musical technique, creativity and teamwork. Regular practice outside of rehearsals is expected. Attendance at all public performances is required. This course satisfies the Fine Arts requirement for graduation. Band may be taken only one year for credit; with the band director’s approval, students not taking band for credit may participate in band and earn service points.

Homework requirement: 1-2 hours per week

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