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Following any absence, whether a full day or even a single class, students are required to have a parent:

  • Submit a note excusing the absence;
  • Call the school excusing the absence;
  • Email the office at to excuse the absence.

Once this communication has occurred, the school will issue an “Admit Slip” to the student—to be presented to every teacher from whose class the student was absent. Students will not be readmitted to class without an “Admit Slip” from the office.

Unexcused Absences:

Unexcused absences interfere with learning and undermine student morale. Students who miss (“ditch”) class without permission from a parent or administrator will suffer an automatic loss of a grade symbol for the quarter (i.e., A- to B+) and any work for that day will be assigned an automatic “0”. Also, a student who is absent from one class period without permission will be given a 3-unit detention. A full day absence without permission will result in a 9-unit detention and may be subject to suspension. If you are in doubt whether you are authorized to miss a class, clear it with Mr. Harris.

Excessive Absences:

Students are allowed 4 excused absences per quarter. Each additional absence over 4 will result in a grade symbol reduction for that quarter. For example: If a student is currently earning a “B”, on his/her 5th absence that grade will be lowered to a “B-“.

While school sponsored programs (ex; student council, athletes attending athletic tournaments, student-to-student) do not count towards this total number of allowed absences:

  • Every two weeks all students and parents will receive an automated email with student absences
  • Students who have at least 1 absence from a class will receive an email reminding them that grades will be reduced after 4 absences. From five absences onward, the email will inform the students that their grades will be reduced at the quarter.
  • If at any time a student (or parent) thinks their absent report is incorrect, please contact Mr. Harris (
  • No student may miss more than 12 school days per year due to attendance at a school sponsored trip (e.g. sports tournaments, etc.)
  • Students who have already reached their maximum number of absences (whether due to illness, scheduled appointments, or other reason) may not be allowed to participate in school sponsored trips;
  • Students must receive special advance permission to participate in more than one sports related and one educational trip per year.

Exceptions to these rules:

  • Israel Trips – Students traveling to Israel will be granted up to six additional excused absences in the semester of that trip;
  • Long-Term Illness – Students, G-d forbid, suffering from long term illness will be granted additional absences as needed based upon a physician’s direction.
  • Bnei Akiva, NCSY and Yachad Shabbtonim – Students participating in Shabbatonim will be granted two additional excused absences per year for the Fridays preceding those events.

Planned Absences:

When you know of an upcoming extended absence, whether personal or school-related you must:

  • Be current in your work in all classes and present a note, signed by ALL of your teachers.
  • Make up all work and tests according to a schedule pre-arranged with each teacher.
  • Return to classes promptly at the time designated by the school prior to the trip.
  • Make up all work and tests according to a schedule pre-arranged with each teacher.
  • Absences due to participation in school-time meetings (i.e. Student council, mashpiim, mashpiot, etc.) will not be excused if a test has been scheduled for that period(s).

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